AVUS RACING is a brand of RVS srl, a company with thirty years experience in the production of light alloy wheels, long recognized as a reliable partner by the best professionals in the sector throughout Europe.

The entire production cycle of the Italian Avus Racing brand is carefully and meticulously followed in every phase: from the development of design to the production of molds with CAD / CAM systems, passing through die casting and mechanical machining C.N.C. up to the control of the product packaged and ready for shipment, all executed in compliance with the quality and environment that have always been the distinctive element of Avus. This brand has in fact been certified UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000 by the authoritative German TUV authority for years. Avus racing is now able to meet any customer need, including any customization, starting from the proposal of style to the finish of the product and packaging.

The light alloy rims of the Italian brand Avus Racing are custom-made rims for cars of the most important brands such as BMW, Audi, Mini, Mercedes, Volksvagen, Seat, Fiat, Lancia, Ford, Citroen, jeep, Alfa Romeo and many others again.