Secure Payment

You can be sure that your transaction will be 100% secure.

We offer a wide variety of secure payment methods to fit your requirements.

The merchandise you order on can be paid upon delivery (COD), when you receive the merchandise from the Italian transport agencies BRT or SDA.

A worker will contact you to determine the delivery time if you will be paying on delivery. This service is available throughout Italy, including on the islands.

This service has an additional fee of 3% in addition to the normal shipping charge, with a minimum of € 4.

This means that in addition to shipping fees, you also pay the cost of COD.

We also offer online payments through Paypal, currently the most secure method for inexpert users of the internet. All the information regarding this payment method can be found at The commission for Paypal is 3% of the entire value of your shopping cart. Payment should be made to

You can also pay by bank transfer, visiting your bank or any branch of Banca Intesa.

Pay the total of your order, indicating the order number and the name and last name of the individual who will be receiving the merchandise (obligatory) in the memo area. This payment method gives you the right to a discount on shipping. There are no additional fees for this payment method.

You can pay using Postpay, at the post office or at a tobacco shop. Pay the order total, indicating the order number and the name and last name of the person who will accept the merchandise.

Payment must be made by the person who made the order.

We cannot accept payments made by third parties.

We do not accept checks of any type.