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with our normal desire to provide auto repair professionals and other auto market professionals with up to date information, we send you the circular issued by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport on Friday, January 24, highlighting a few points of are of note in regards to the so called Tires Decree.

What does the circular state?



1)      SUBJECT:That the tires affected by the Decree are all those other than the original or replacement ones of the vehicle manufacturer or those certified pursuant to the regulation UNECE 124.

Essentially, as is already clear from the text of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport (MIT) Decree no. 20 of January of last year, published in the Official Gazette on 7 March, it once again states that the Decree applies to all tires other than the original or replacement ones of the vehicle manufacturer or those not certified pursuant to UNECE 124. Therefore, all tires (exclusive of those of the vehicle manufacturer) must be either certified in accordance with MIT Decree 20, or in accordance with the regulation UNECE 124.

2)      EXPIRY: That the provisions of the Decree become applicable as of March 23, 2014:

The circular confirms that as of March 23, 2014, the provisions of the Decree will become applicable and obligatory. Therefore, it bears noting that as of today "special" tires must be certified in accordance with Decree 20 (as they cannot be certified pursuant to UNECE 124). If a rim has even one dimension (diameter, channel width, offset) that is different from that envisaged in the vehicle approval, it is considered "special" and mounting it on a vehicle is an automatic violation of article 236 of the highway code.  PAY ATTENTION: ACCORDING TO ITALIAN LAW 122/92, CAR REPAIRERS ARE RESPONSIBLE, BOTH UNDER CIVIL AND CRIMINAL LAW, FOR WHAT THEY INSTALL ON VEHICLES. IF A COMPONENT INSTALLED ON A VEHICLE IS NOT CERTIFIED, THE RESPONSIBILITY IS THAT OF THE CAR REPAIRER. ANYONE WHO PUTS NOTIFICATIONS ON THEIR SITES WHICH REQUIRES THE MOUNTER TO VERIFY PROPER INSTALLATION IS AVOIDING THEIR OWN RESPONSIBILITIES AND IS TRYING TO RIP YOU OFF! 

3)      CERTIFICATION PURSUANT TO OTHER EUROPEAN STATE REGULATIONS: Tires certified by other EU member states or EES members will be recognized, if the proof of certification is equivalent and they are validated by the National Authorities and not only the technical services that issued them.

In addition, the circular states again that the Ministry will take into consideration the possibility of recognizing certifications in accordance with the regulations of other countries, as long as they are validated by the respective certification authorities. In any case, it is confirmed that certifications issued by other countries ARE NOT VALID and, even more so, those issued by technical services.
Certifications of rims issued by TEV or DEKRA ARE NOT VALID!

4)      UPDATING CAR REGISTRATION CERTIFICATES: Updating the car registration certificate is necessary in the case of changes made to the tires but, in any case, as always, it is necessary to be in possession of all the documents.

 The circular simplifies the installation of wheel systems in only those cases in which the tire is identical to that shown on the car registration certificate. Nonetheless, it is necessary to have the documentation with certification pursuant to Italian Decree 20, certificate of compliance, and declaration of the installer. In all other cases, the car registration certificate must be updated (see our document).