Terms and conditions

Unless otherwise and expressly envisaged in other specific provisions, the terms listed below have the meanings indicated in the following definitions in these General Conditions of Sale:

"Business Day" or "Business Days" means days in which our offices are open for normal activities (generally every day from 9 am to 6 pm, excluding weekends, holidays and under exceptional circumstances which will be noted in a timely manner on this website)

"Force Majeure Events" includes situations resulting (directly or indirectly) from strikes, lockouts, fires, floods, proven impossibility of obtaining products, materials or services, malfunctions, delays on the part of suppliers or couriers, laws or government regulations or any other cause or event that is outside of our control. The above are indicated by way of example. There are other events that qualify as force majeure.

These General Conditions of Sale involve the acquisition of Cerchiperauto products remotely, online through the website "www.cerchiperauto.it" belonging to International Tyre Investments SRL, with registered offices in via Staizza no. 59. These purchases are reserved for direct consumers, business owners, wholesalers, resellers, professionals, etc. Each purchase transaction will be regulated by the provisions pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 185/99 and, in regards to the protection of privacy, will be subject to the regulations pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 196/03.

When the order is sent on-line, the Customer sends Cerchiperauto a proposal to purchase the product and/or products inserted in their shopping cart. When the Customer makes an on-line order for the products they have inserted in their shopping cart, they accept purchasing them at the price and under the terms indicated in these General Conditions of Sale.
Cerchiperauto will send the Customer an email accepting and confirming the order which contains the number, date and total amount of the order, as well as the method used to delivery the product(s). If, for any reason, Cerchiperauto is not able to accept the Customer's order (in any of the cases indicated below), the Customer will be immediately notified of the same through the website in question.
Specifically, Cerchiperauto cannot accept orders:
- if the material is not available in the warehouse at the time of the order (in any case, if the material is not available it cannot be added to the shopping cart) and/or
- if the issuer of the Customer's credit card does not confirm payment.
In any case, Cerchiperauto reserves the right to not accept an order, at its discretion.

These General Conditions of Sale must be read online by the Customer before sending their order. Sending of the order therefore implies the full knowledge and integral acceptance of the same.
The Customer undertakes, once the online purchase procedure has been completed, to print and save these general conditions of sale, already read and accepted during the purchase process, so as to fully satisfy the conditions pursuant to articles 3 and 4 of Italian Legislative Decree 185/1999.

All the prices on the website are inclusive of VAT.
The prices shown on this website are the sales prices currently applied. In the case in which the price of merchandise ordered is shown on Cerchiperauto in a clearly discrepant manner, the order can be canceled at any time by Cerchiperauto or the Customer, as long as it is before the merchandise is sent, and it will be possible to reorder the product at the correct sales price.