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Welcome to the alloy wheels, here are various brands of alloy wheels, we have selected for you the best of the best, stylish wheels, sport tuning, chrome, black, in various sizes from 10 to 28 inches, brands like Lexani, Tenzo R, Mak, Rial, ATS, Alutec, WSP, Wolfrace, Avus,Dotz,Aez,Dezent,Atp ect ... You can choose your products below by manual search, brand by brand, or by entering the menu on your left wheel diameter and distance of your car.We remeber to our customers that the automatic solution should not be considered definitive because there are to be evaluated et, channel, and centering, however, is a way to give you an idea of what might be available for your car. To find out the distance between your car's PCD send an email to

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    Supplies of accessories for alloy wheels: bolts, screws, nuts, studs, cup, bolt covers, badges, dedicated logos, anti-theft screws, conical nuts, ball nuts, eccentric nuts, floating nuts, closed nuts, open nuts, suv nuts, original nuts, nuts for ford, nuts for Mazda, star nuts with narrow head, anti-theft nuts, anti-theft bolts, floating bolts, conical bolts, ball bolts, star bolts, narrow head bolts, Audi bolts, Bmw bolts, suv bolts, Honda bolts .

    We have an important warehouse of accessories for alloy and iron wheels that allows you to receive the goods in 24/48 hours and to solve any of your problems.