Published on 02/25/2020

2020 MAK: eleven new models will be introduced, with two absolute novelties for Jeep and Tesla owners who will be able to equip their car with dedicated MAK wheels.

Over the years, dedicated alloy wheels have occupied an increasingly central role, having great success for the consumer. Precisely for this reason MAK will expand its range to get closer to the tastes of its customers, with rims designed specifically for their cars and which can count on a very appreciated gift: compatibility with original bolts and hubcaps.

Here are all the 2020 news from MAK wheels:

MAK Evo - Evo D (Mercedes drivers)
MAK Fabrik - Fabrik D (Bmw drivers)
MAK Lario (Alfa Romeo drivers)
MAK Leipzig - Leipzig D (Porsche drivers)
MAK Liberty (Jeep drivers)
MAK Main (VW drivers)
MAK Mark (Bmw drivers)
MAK Monaco - Monaco D (Porsche drivers)
MAK Rapp - Rapp D (Bmw drivers)
MAK Union (Audi drivers)
MAK Voltage (Tesla drivers)

All models have been designed by expert MAK designers, following the highest quality and safety standards, in order to have NAD approvals for the Italian market and TUV / KBA for the European markets.

Further information available on request 0423722869 -

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