Supplies of accessories for alloy wheels: bolts, screws, nuts, studs, cup, bolt covers, badges, dedicated logos, anti-theft screws, conical nuts, ball nuts, eccentric nuts, floating nuts, closed nuts, open nuts, suv nuts, original nuts, nuts for ford, nuts for Mazda, star nuts with narrow head, anti-theft nuts, anti-theft bolts, floating bolts, conical bolts, ball bolts, star bolts, narrow head bolts, Audi bolts, Bmw bolts, suv bolts, Honda bolts .

We have an important warehouse of accessories for alloy and iron wheels that allows you to receive the goods in 24/48 hours and to solve any of your problems.

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  • Screws

    Whether you have installed spacers, look for particular, or simply renew the look of your old, worn and rusted bolts, here you will find bolts or nuts that meet the characteristics for your car, in all sizes, lengths and finishes in galvanized or galvanized steel black;

    If you don't know what you need to buy call us at 0423 722 869;

    We guide you in the correct choice for your specific need.

  • Centering rings


  • Valves

    Inside you will find the valves that allow you to work safely, using the ones that best suit your needs.


    -Reinforced Steel Camper / Vans

    -Reinforced Rubber Camper / Vans

    -Reinforced Aluminum

    -Rubber with short or long nozzle

    for more information on what to choose contact us at 0423 722 869

  • Sport seats

    International Tyre Investments SRL offers various lines of sports seats for cars.

    Recaro seats, one of the most prestigious brands of seats for your car, abe and fia approved car seats, Recaro sportster, Recaro Pole Position, Recaro Speed, Recaro Sportline.

    Sparco seats, racing seats line and tuning seats line, fia approved seats, racing seats and much more.

  • Distanziali