Sport seats 

International Tyre Investments SRL offers various lines of sports seats for cars.

Recaro seats, one of the most prestigious brands of seats for your car, abe and fia approved car seats, Recaro sportster, Recaro Pole Position, Recaro Speed, Recaro Sportline.

Sparco seats, racing seats line and tuning seats line, fia approved seats, racing seats and much more.

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    Car seats: Recaro line, fine and high quality interiors.

    Recaro Sportster

    Recaro Pole position

    Recaro Orthopad

    Recaro Ergomed

    Recaro Trendline

    Recaro Sportline

    FIA and ABE approved.


    Car seats: Sparco line

    Seats in step with fashion, excellent results in terms of aesthetics and driving.

    R100 seats

    R333 seats

    R600 seats

    F200 seats

  • Omp

    OMP seats are certified seats and assembled according to very strict international standards.

    Omp also renews the aesthetics allowing you to use it also on the road, improving the finishes of all the other categories (track, rally, offroad, kart).

    In this category you will find all the seats available on the market produced by OMP.

    If you don't find what you are looking for, call us!

    We will be able to satisfy your request.

    OMP, a unique, sporty, comfortable, satisfying driving experience.

  • Momo
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